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Where Can I Find Interactive Fiction Information?

Currently, the best place on the internet to find out the latest and greatest news for Interactive Fiction (or I-F), is at the newsgroup The group has an almost-monthly FAQ. The group also uses the if-archive to store free (or shareware) I-F related materials (located at

Since there is already the I-F Archive, Why Have a SourceForge Project to Fragment The Resources Even More?

Good question. The answer is simple, though. SourceForge provides source-control access to files, which allows for easy versioning of source code. Also, it provides a good bug/feature tracker, as well as mailing lists and a binary release archive.

Why Focus on Inform?

Simply put, this is the only IF language I use. If this project takes off, we might support other languages, too.

Hey, I've got some I-F code I'd like to be in Source Control. What should I do?

Contact the project admin to get yourself registered as a developer. You may need to have a new module created in the CVS hierarchy.

Where Can I Get An Inform Compiler?

The de facto standard is Graham Nelson's Inform Compiler. Other compilers include the Glulx compiler and the Zasm z-machine assembler. I'm sure there are plenty of other compilers out there.

What Other Inform-Related Resources Are In SourceForge?

What Other Interactive Fiction-Related Resources Are In SourceForge?

This is a list from my last search (not including the Inform-related issues above).